Hearing Aids are Happiness Boosters

everal scientific studies in the past have confirmed the negative impacts associated with hearing loss: depression, anxiety and social isolation. But did you know that hearing solutions can result in dramatic, positive lifestyle changes? A study conducted by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) supplies overwhelming data about the difference hearing devices can make.

The study surveyed more than 2,000 hearing loss patients who use devices to enhance the sense of sound. Of the sample group, 82 percent of patients indicated they would recommend hearing devices to their friends, and 70 percent reported an improved ability to communicate. The data also shows more than four out of five people who use a device to hear better are satisfied with their solution.

“This survey clearly reveals how dramatically people’s lives can improve with the use of hearing devices,” BHI Executive Director Sergei Kochkin, PhD said. “We looked at 14 specific quality-of-life issues and found today’s hearing devices are a tremendous asset to people with even mild hearing loss who want to remain active and socially engaged throughout their lives.”

The study also concluded up to a third of patients saw improvements in their romance, sense of humor, mental, emotional and physical health. Further, roughly 40 percent noted improvements in their sense of safety, self-cofidence, feelings about self, sense of independence and work relationships.

The Wolfpack Team (L-R):
Sarah Jones, MS, RD, LD;
Dustin Richards, AuD;
and Marla Richards, MS, RD, LD.

That is not news to Dr. Dustin Richards, audiologist and owner of Wolfpack Hearing Clinic in Fayetteville.  “Prior to the literature, this is stuff we’ve known anecdotally for a while,” Dr. Richards said. “Communication is, in fact, important.”

“I think the added emphasis in more recent times may come from the fact that a lot of the negative stereotypes associated with hearing aids are no more,” Dr. Richards pointed out. “Changing technology has yielded smaller and less cumbersome devices. New technology offers wireless, smartphone compatibility. For lack of a better term, it’s not ‘uncool’ to wear them anymore. Now we can focus on practical benefits of hearing aids; most importantly, improved quality of life.”

An easy first step to boosting your happiness in life may be to make an appointment with your local audiologist. Wolfpack Hearing Clinic is located in Fayetteville and is currently accepting new patients. Call for more information at (479) 957-9300.

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03 Dec 2018

By Best of Northwest Arkansas

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