Mandy Moore’s Mindful Tips for a Well-Balanced, Lively Summer

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June 03, 2019

With plans of trips and relaxation on the horizon, it can be easy to give your wellness routine a vacation, too. Before you jet set off on your next adventure, take a moment to be consciously aware of how your mind and body may react to an overly active and jam-packed summer schedule.

“As someone with a busy lifestyle, having an intentional, balanced wellness routine helps me be my best self for my job, my friends and my family,” said actress and wellness advocate Mandy Moore.

Partnering with Nature’s Way to celebrate its 50th birthday, Moore shares a passion for paving a better way to wellness. While no single trick or technique guarantees well-rounded health, it’s really about establishing habits that work best for you and your lifestyle. Your routine may often change daily depending where you are on your wellness journey, but Moore shares thoughtful considerations to always keep in mind:

1. Start from Within. It’s important to understand the connection between your mind and body.

“I recognize it takes time, trust and baby steps, but the outcome is incredibly rewarding,” Moore said. “I’m a strong believer in the power of therapy and find my most important work is done during the moments when I feel like I’m operating at 100 percent.”

She also recommends downloading a meditation app, calling a friend or writing in a journal to help balance a hectic summer schedule.

2. Seek New Ways to Nourish Your Body. Wellness goes beyond simply what you put on your plate. Listening to your body can help you go the extra mile, especially when you’re traveling, which is why Moore takes Alive! Women’s Energy from Nature’s Way, packed with 16 different health-benefiting vitamins and minerals.

Drinking water-based beverages is a big piece of her wellness routine, as well. She loves relaxing with tea sourced from around the globe and drinking water with liquid chlorophyll for an internal refresher.

3. Breathe in the Sights, Scents and Sounds of Nature. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to take time to breathe; to take in nature’s true beauty. Watch a sunset, walk through a park or get away from the city lights so you can really see the stars shine. Be more proactive this summer and immerse yourself in environments that truly allow you to feel renewed.

Moore loves to go hiking and walks her dogs, Jackson and Joni, each day.

“There’s something that’s innately healing about feeling connected to the ground – feeling grounded, literally, to the world around you,” Moore said.

4. Unplug to Recharge. Even if your schedule constantly keeps you on the go, it’s important for your mental health and well-being to take time to unplug and find different ways to clear your mind.

“Take moments to step away from the computer, tablet or phone – put it in the other room, let it charge and do some­thing else constructive for your brain,” Moore said. “Pick up a book, put on an album, call a friend, light a candle and decompress. I’m a big proponent of smell; sense therapy is really helpful for me. One of the first things I do when I get home is light a candle.”

Summer Travel Advice

According to an AAA Travel survey, nearly 100 million Americans – 4 in 10 U.S. adults – are planning to take a family vacation in 2019, slightly more than last year, with road trips topping many vacationers’ plans. Before you depart from reality, take a moment to ensure you and your loved ones are fully prepared with these tips.

Pack Your Patience
Be prepared for busy roads and long airport security lines throughout the summer. Bring books, games or music for the ride to keep kids and other passengers entertained. Pack healthy snacks for kids, especially if you can’t fit in a full meal while traveling, and don’t forget to pack a pillow as well as information on your destination.

Take Preventative Measures
Air travel, especially on international flights, can be stressful and lead to extra strain on your physical and psychological health. Fatigue, increased stress and mental changes have also been reported during and after long-distance flights, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Take time to make sure your immune system is functioning at its best.

A study published in “Nutrients,” found air travelers taking capsules containing elderberry extract before and during their trips experienced an improved immune system response versus travelers who were given a placebo.

Elderberry extract is available in a variety of travel-friendly formats. For example, Nature’s Way, a pioneer in the health industry, offers Sambucus Elderberry Zinc Lozenges and Gummies, which can be found at most health and wellness retailers. Be sure to ask your health care provider for advice when adding a new supplement to your diet.

Break a (Free) Sweat
These days, many hotels and resorts offer on-site fitness rooms, but they may not always have your preferred equipment and machinery. If you decide to hit the gym, you may be able to score a free day pass. A lot of chain gyms, and even some local operations, may offer free, one-day trial experiences. With a little research in advance of your trip, you can ensure your fitness routine doesn’t go out the window simply because you’re away from home.

For more ways to take care of your body and mind this summer, visit

Cool Off with Chlorofresh

Servings: 1

  • 8 ounces lemon water
  • 1 squeeze fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 teaspoon Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll (unflavored)
  1. Mix lemon water, lemon juice, ground ginger, salt and unflavored chlorophyll liquid. Serve over ice.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images (woman looking out to sea)

Nature’s Way


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